Just Another Senior Lapse…

23 Jun

I was working with the phone company to replace a defective router that was new.  I received a Kindle for Mother’s Day and had to be able to download books on it.  

Where I ran into trouble was when the technian asked who my favorite actor was.  My brain turned to mush and I had no idea who I had given them or even when I had given it.  Finally, she took pity on me and said the first name with a “C”  Still nothing.  Eventually, she even went so far as to tell me the last name started with a “G.”  All I could think of was Clark Gable but I told her I knew it wasn’t him.  Later, I asked my husband what actor had the initials C.G. and he immediately replied, “Cary Grant.”  Of course!  Sometimes, between us we have a whole brain.

I’m reminded of a movie (I can’t think of the title) where an older man (70s) drives a tractor to visit his brother.  A young man asks him, “What is the worst part of getting old?”  And he replies, “Remembering being young.”


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