Citrus Shots

25 Mar

At my sisters request I emailed her a citrus shot recipe.  Her two grown daughters were impressed with them and wanted her to make them for their three year-old niece’s birthday party.  I emailed her the non-alcoholic version with the message:  “This is a hell of a lot of work and it cost about $35.” 

 “Wow, I am impressed,” she replied.  “That is a hell of a lot of work and way too much trouble for a birthday party.  The only way I’m making these is if they are full of vodka and I eat them after the party.  LOL, but I will try them later with a small group of people.  The only way the recipe could have been harder was if I had to plant the trees and wait for the lemons to grow.  Cake and ice cream sounds wonderful.”

 “These will last forever if you only have a small group of people to serve them to.  Just tell that oldest daughter of yours we’ll make them for her wedding reception.  Talk about incentive!” 



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