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the big “C” and me

29 Feb

the big “C” and me


I took a shower that morning, bold as you please. I lathered up my breast and felt a lump. It wasn’t a large lump as lumps go, but it gave me pause and I knew I had to check it out. I scheduled a biopsy and learned that lump was malignant. The big “C” changed my life. I learned to live it one day at a time and not to put off doing those things I wanted to do; like writing a book…telling people I love them and savoring each moment as it comes.  When I first heard the news, I felt the big “C” was a millstone but it has come to be a milestone in my life.


Millstones and Milestones…

14 Feb


Several months before our son began an 18-month rehab program for addictions, he visited the facility and heard the minister speak of eagles soaring.   As he left, an eagle flew in front of his vehicle.

Our 50-year-old son graduated this weekend from that program.  It has been a long struggle for him.  My husband and I sought to help him and had to learn the hard way that he had to help himself.       

Now he has to deal with the real world so his struggle is not over.  As we drove to the graduation, I said a silent prayer to see some eagles on this trip.  We were almost there when my husband said, “I think those were wild turkeys.”  Then he added, “Maybe they were eagles.”  At my urging, he turned around and there were three eagles in a clearing.

Now I am praying that our son will soar like those eagles and have a wonderful addiction free life.